Be an instant insider of the Broadway performer’s lifestyle!

During the Wherefore Art Thou Juliet walking & audio experience, you will see the theater district through a completely unique lens of Broadway stars. Immerse yourself in the lifestyle of Broadway performers by discovering their favorite locations all over New York City’s theater district. Whether it be the must-have pre-show smoothie place, rehearsal studios, or the after-show bar, you’ll get a chance to come across surprising places and famous landmarks.

Wherefore Art Thou Juliet starting point Shubert Alley


Start your experience at the heart of the theater district – Shubert Alley. Here, your choices begin in your search for the star of the anticipated revival of Romeo and Juliet.

Make choices that change your perception of the characters. Choose one path, have your friends take another, then come together for a great convo about the characters you meet along the way. Do the experience again to get the full story!

Only on ChalkNotes can you be part of a story taking place on-location, told block by block while using the real world as a canvas. The buildings you pass are part of the story. The ChalkNotes app is your guide and storyteller.

The whole audio experience takes, on average, about an hour to complete.

Once you finish Wherefore Art Thou Juliet, start the conversation with those you shared the experience with – either with those physically with you, or in the chat section of the app.

Download ChalkNotes on the Apple App Store. Google Play coming soon!

App picture of the first spot in Wherefore Art Thou Juliet